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Driven by the need to research, track, evaluate, do competitive analysis, discover, measure, prioritize…and then to do it all over again, we compiled a list of 34 SEO Tools (UPDATE: thanks to the great input we have over 50 tools listed).

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools Categories:

  • Enterprise SEO Tools

  • Keyword Research and Discovery Tools

  • Search Engine Rankings Tools

  • Back Link Analysis Tools

  • SEO Toolkits or All-in-one Bundles

SEO Moz Tools

Some free, the bulk are paid
Raven Tools Paid with free trials available
SEOBook Tools Some free, with the more advanced tools for premium members
Bruce Clay Toolset Paid, 30 day money back guarantee
Ad Gooroo Paid; mix of SEO and Pay-per-click tools
internet business promotor IBP - Internet Business Promoter Software download, Optimize site, promote site on directories, track results (paid)
SEO Powersuite tool SEO Powersuite Software download, Rank Tracking, SEO Spyglass, Link Tools, Website Auditor, Free and paid versions
Microsoft Free Toolkit Includes Site Analysis module, Robots Exclusion module, Sitemaps and Site Indexes modules (perform analysis and offer recommendations and editing tools for managing your Robots and Sitemaps files)
Free SEO Tools SearchMetrics Search Metrics Rapid Free SEO Tools Free set of online tools, Social bookmark links, cloaked content checking, spider view and a few more
Web SEO Analytics free tools Web SEO Analytics A nice set of free tools with ability to get upgraded info (paid), Free and paid tools
Bonus Tool:
German SEO toolkit SEOlytics Paid tool, in German

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