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Driven by the need to research, track, evaluate, do competitive analysis, discover, measure, prioritize…and then to do it all over again, we compiled a list of 34 SEO Tools (UPDATE: thanks to the great input we have over 50 tools listed).

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools Categories:

SEO profiler link analysis tool logo SEO Profiler Backlink analysis tool; also have some other interesting tools and resources such as a list of submission databasesFree and paid tools
Open Site Explorer SEOMoz's Open Site Explorer is a great tool with using some of SEOMoz's custom metrics to help rank links, your page's value and more. The tool also allows for comparison of two sites.Some content is available for free; see all of the content with an upgrade to SEOMoz Pro Membership
Majestic SEO Good backlink checker, including history of backlinks; requires free registration to get all of the information; not clear if you can elminate links from your own domainFree; requires free registration to see all data (such as nofollow or not)
SEO spyglass keyword tool link SEO Spyglass Software downloadFree and paid editions
Link Diagnosis Great, free tool that does thorough reports including type of link (e.g. no follow), PageRank of page, how many links on the page and anchor textFree
Alexa internet tools including link analysis Alexa.com Free tools to give a variety of information about websites in it's databaseFree
Google Webmaster Central Get information on backlinks to your site according to Google. Includes anchor textFree. Requires you to register and confirm ownership of your sites (but provides valuable information if you do that)

Bonus Tools:
Buzzstream for Link Management Automated link management toolsPaid with free trial available

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