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Stock report

Aust stocks close flat

1 Sep 2014 | 4:19 PM | Michael Roddan

After an early lift, the local market closes flat on investor caution following weak Chinese data and ahead of balance of payments figures.

S&P/ASX 200

The Market

5629.80 +0.07%

S&P/ASX 200

4675.20 +0.07%

S&P/ASX 100

5789.70 +0.09%

S&P/ASX 50

5629.30 +0.08%


No. of Rises814
No. of Falls797

Top ASX200 Moves

Top 5 Rises

SBMST.BARBARA0.1150.01 9.52 14M
AQGALACERGOLD2.460.12 5.13 596K
MSBMESOBLAST5.280.25 4.97 597K
HVNHARVEY3.680.13 3.66 9M
KARKAROON3.910.12 3.17 2M

Top 5 Falls

DMLDISCOV MET0.029-0.007 -19.44 12M
EWCENERGY WLD0.345-0.025 -6.76 3M
SKISPARK INFR1.895-0.075 -3.81 3M
MMLMEDUSA1.165-0.045 -3.72 1M
RSGRESOLUTE0.55-0.02 -3.51 2M

Most Traded

CBACWLTH BANK81.30-0.02 -0.02 2M
WOWWOOLWORTHS35.71-0.45 -1.24 4M
BHPBHP BLT36.700.03 0.08 4M
TLSTELSTRA5.580.02 0.36 16M
WBCWESTPAC35.140.1 0.29 2M
RIORIO TINTO62.800.17 0.27 1M
NABNAT. BANK35.12-0.08 -0.23 2M
WESWESFARMER43.30-0.01 -0.02 2M
ANZANZ BANK33.430 0 2M
WPLWOODSIDE43.070.37 0.87 1M

Widely Held Stocks

AMPAMP LIMITED5.83-0.05 -0.85 6M
ANZANZ BANK33.430 0 2M
BHPBHP BLT36.700.03 0.08 4M
CBACWLTH BANK81.30-0.02 -0.02 2M
NABNAT. BANK35.12-0.08 -0.23 2M
NWSNEWS CORP.18.440 0 16K
TLSTELSTRA5.580.02 0.36 16M
WBCWESTPAC35.140.1 0.29 2M
WESWESFARMER43.30-0.01 -0.02 2M
WOWWOOLWORTHS35.71-0.45 -1.24 4M


A nervous APRA shows its hand

1 Sep | 1:34 PM | Bartholomeusz

As the financial system inquiry progresses, it's clear the regulator has some concerns that the sophisticated and nuanced regime it oversees might soon be overlaid with some new, and quite rigid, domestic rules.

Is Alan Joyce the right leader to turn Qantas around?

1 Sep 2014 | 2:47 PM | Peter Gahan

Alan Joyce's leadership of Qantas has received plenty of criticism in the past, but his articulation of a clear strategy suggests he may be a good bet for the airline.

China's place in the new East

1 Sep 2014 | 1:29 PM | Fergus Ryan

In his new book 'The Rise of the New East', Ben Simpfendorfer argues that the East is no longer just a cheap place to produce goods, it’s also a place to sell goods. And China is playing a central role in its transition.

A marine economy takes a dive as acidity rises

1 Sep 2014 | 2:43 PM | Kieran Cooke

An economic-social study has warned of dire effects from increasing acidification off Alaska's coast, with its economy likely to be one of the first and worst hit by ocean changes.


Housing prices post strongest winter gain in 7 years

1 Sep 2014 | 11:08 AM | AAP

RP Data CoreLogic Hedonic home value index of Australian capital city dwelling prices rises 1.1% in August.

Telstra sheds light on customer data requests

1 Sep | 4:32 PM | Supratim Adhikari

Telco's latest privacy report shows it received 84,949 requests from law enforcement agencies, with only 3.9 per cent accompanied by a warrant.

Chinese manufacturing slows in August

1 Sep | 11:06 AM | Neems and Fergus Ryan

Official data shows activity in manufacturing sector expanding at a slower pace, HSBC read also slows.

Company profits slide in June qtr

1 Sep 2014 | 11:36 AM | Mitchell Neems

ABS data shows company gross operating profits fall significantly more than expected.

Grimshaw walks away with $6m in shares

1 Sep 2014 | 1:49 PM | Michael Bennett

Departed Bank of Queensland CEO left with over $5m of performance award rights.

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